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General information

Seminar held by and mainly for the systems group at DIKU (subset of APL group). DIKU is the computer science department at the University of Copenhagen. The seminar is led by Marcos Vaz Salles, and organized by Pimin Konstantin Kefaloukos and Vivek Shah.

Minutes and other material such as slides will be collected over time in the git repository.

The papers which are presented are mainly selected from an initial reading list, and inspired by similar seminars at Brown, Cornell and Berkeley.

The seminar is planned a few week ahead by Vivek Shah and Pimin Konstantin Kefaloukos (@skipperkongen).

Calendar for seminar meetings

Time and place of seminar: Every Friday, 14:45-16:15, at DIKU (HCØ). Till October 2013, it was held every Thursday and since then till April 2015 every Wednesday.

DatePaper categoryTarget PaperAdditional optional readingsDiscussion Leader
Friday, Sep 9, 2016 Heterogenous Concurrency Control, Transaction Processing

This week we look at transaction management in multidatabase system. On rigorous transaction scheduling

The Principle of Commitment Ordering Vivek
Friday, Jun 17, 2016 Concurrency Control, Transaction Processing, Pessimistic Concurrency Control

This week we look at designing scalable lock managers A scalable lock manager for multicores

Lightweight locking for main memory database systems Vivek
Friday, Jun 10, 2016 Concurrency Control, Transaction Processing, Contention

This week we look at scaling concurrency control under heavy contention on multi-cores Design Principles for Scaling Multi-core OLTP Under High Contention

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015 Concurrency Control, Transaction Processing

This week we look at concurrency control algorithms in the massively multi-core era, Staring into the Abyss: An Evaluation of Concurrency Control with One Thousand Cores

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015 H-Store, Transaction Processing

This week we look at transaction processing in E-Store, E-Store: Fine-Grained Elastic Partitioning for Distributed Transaction Processing

Wednesday, Apr 8, 2015 H-Store, Transaction Processing

This week we look at transaction processing in H-Store, On predictive modeling for optimizing transaction execution in parallel OLTP systems

Low overhead concurrency control for partitioned main memory databases

Wednesday, Apr 1, 2015 Automatic Partitioning, H-Store

This week we look at Schism: a workload-driven approach to database replication and partitioning

This week we look at automatic partitioning and its implications in transaction processing, Skew-aware automatic database partitioning in shared-nothing, parallel OLTP systems

Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014 Internal DMSlab meeting

This is an internal meeting for status check and planning for TransparInt.

Wednesday, Dec 3 2014 Date warehouses, industry

This week there is an industrial talk on the relevance of the traditional data warehouse in the "big data" arena. We will look into the auto generation of data warehouse structure and ETL-code in Rehfeld's product, Effector. The talk announcement can be found here.

Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan
Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 Review meeting

Internal DMSlab review meeting

Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 Optimistic concurrency control, distributed transactions

This week we look at Maat:Effective and scalable coordination of distributed transactions in the cloud and Accordion: Elastic Scalability for Database Systems Supporting Distributed Transactions

Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 Transaction processing, main memory engines, hardware transactional memory

This week we look at Exploiting Hardware Transactional Memory in Main-Memory Databases.

The HyPer system paper provides more background for the system in which the work was done. Hyder - A Transactional Record Manager for Shared Flash is another interesting transaction processing approach utilizing the current hardware landscape and application deployment architecture. Vivek
Wednesday, Aug 06 2014 Database research, current and future directions

This week we discuss the Beckman Database Research Self-Assessment Meeting. The report of the meeting is the entry point of the discussion. All the documents in that page are must read :-).

The previous meeting webpage is available here and the report is can be found here.

Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 Distributed Database

Internal DMSlab meeting for code review and design discussion of TransparInt

Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 Main memory, H-Store, DB Architecture

This week we look at the H-Store project. H-store: a high-performance, distributed main memory transaction processing system and the paper laying the ground for it, The end of an architectural era: (it's time for a complete rewrite)

OLTP through the looking glass, and what we found there

Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 NoSQL, NewSQL

We do not have any specific technical focus paper but a group of them. This week we look at the current buzzwords in the Big Data world.

Wednesday, Jul 09 2014 DBMS, Privacy, Data Integration

Internal discussion about possible projects around data integration and privacy, distributed systems, database technologies and business opportunities.

Wednesday, Jul 2 2014 OLTP, modern hardware, scalability

We look at insights into implementing OLTP systems on modern hardware to eliminate unscalable patterns in the design, Eliminating unscalable communication in transaction processing

OLTP on hardware islands gives a detailed performance analysis of OLTP deployments on modern multi-core and multi-processor hardware.

Wednesday, Jun 18 2014 Partitioned Transactions

Internal DMS lab talk on design of partitioned transactions.

Follow up on previous talk on Feb 10, 2014

Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 Join processing, spatial joins, moving objects

We look at spatial join algorithms and their performance for distance queries. An experimental analysis of iterated spatial joins in main memory is the focus paper for this week.

A Benchmark for Evaluating Moving Object Indexes provides more details on the benchmarks used in the paper. Indexing the Positions of Continuously Moving Objects provides more background for TPR trees. Spatial join techniques provides a detailed survey on spatial join processing.

Wednesday, May 21 2014 Join processing, performance, modern hardware

We look at the performance of the classical join algorithms discussed last week. Multi-core, main-memory Joins : Sort vs. Hash Revisited evaluates the performance of join algorithms on modern hardware.

Sort vs Hash Revisited is a comparison of these two families of join algorithms.

Thursday, May 15 2014 Query evaluation, Join processing, algorithms and performance

We look at the classic paper on Join processing in Database Systems with Large Main Memories.

For a more detailed survey on query evaluation, see this. For a more recent survey on join processing and its implementations see here.

Thursday, May 8 2014 Relation data management, constant time queries, performance

We look at Crescando, a scalable, distributed relational table implementation with guaranteed access latency, Predicatable Performance for Unpredictable Workloads

Monday, Mar 24 2014 Classical RDBMS, performance, NoSQL comparison

We look at the paper countering the attack of NoSQL systems on classical RDBMS Can the elephants handle the NoSQL onslaught

Monday, Mar 3 2014 Indexing systems, distributed transactions

We look at the large scale incremental index processing system from Google called Percolator

Percolator uses Google's distributed storage service Bigtable and Google's lock service for distributed systems Chubby

Monday, Feb 24 2014 Distributed relational database

We look at the distributed relational database from Google -> F1

F1 is built using Spanner

Monday, Feb 17 2014 Declarative generalization

Using "datapro" techniques to "cook" spatial data for better map visualizations.

The chalk talk will reference the following papers

Monday, Feb 10 2014 Optimistic Concurrency control, B trees

A chalk talk discussing distributed optimistic concurrency control protocol

The chalk talk will reference the following papers

Monday, Jan 20 2014 Concurrency control, B trees

With B trees being the theme for the past couple of weeks, this week we look at the survey paper A survey of B-tree locking techniques

The classic B tree paper is Ubiquitous B tree and the other classic paper for efficient concurrent operations on b trees is the paper on B-link trees.

Monday, Jan 13 2014 High performance, B trees

We look at the paper PALM: Parallel Architecture-Friendly Latch-Free. Modifications to B+ Trees on Many-Core Processors

Monday, Jan 6 2014 High performance, B trees

We look at the paper in the additional read for last week Cache craftiness for fast multicore key-value storage

A blog post making the case for the paper. Vivek
Monday, Dec 2 2013 Main memory databases, transactions, multi-core architecture

We look at the paper Speedy transactions in multicore in-memory databases

The paper on Masstree implementation is Cache craftiness for fast multicore key-value storage Vivek
Monday, Nov 25 2013 Consistency levels, snapshot isolation

We look at the paper Serializable isolation for snapshot databases

A more theoretical paper which builds the background for serializable snapshot isolation is Making snapshot isolation serializable Vivek
Thursday, Oct 31 2013 Consistency levels, snapshot isolation

We look at the classic paper A critique of ANSI SQL isolation levels

Serializable isolation for snapshot databases Vivek
Thursday, Oct 24 2013 Locking granularity, consistency

The well known paper on the locking granularity, Granularity of locks and degrees of consistency in a shared data base

Thursday, Oct 3 2013 Concurrency control, Optimistic concurrency control algorithms

This week we look at the classic optimistic concurrency control papers. On optimistic methods for concurrency control

Thursday, Sep 26 2013 Operating systems, kernel design, resource isolation

This week we look at one of the supplemental papers of the previous week in detail. We look at the paper for Exokernel: an operating system architecture for application-level resource management

The MIT exokernel project page

Thursday, Sep 19 2013 Virtualization/Resource isolation

The goal is to understand Docker from an academic point of view (good luck with that). We will read and discuss K42: Building a Complete Operating System as the primary paper.

Supplemental papers are Exokernel: an operating system architecture for application-level resource management, Embassies, Native Client, Mesos and Xen.

Understanding Docker from a practical perspective: virtualization, Docker README, PaaS under the hood, episode 1: kernel namespaces, PaaS Under the Hood, Episode 2: cgroups, aufs − another unionfs, LXC - chroot on steroids.

Some important terms used in the Docker-mentation: images, container, layer, filesystem.

Thursday, Sep 5 2013 Main memory systems, key value stores, Crash Recovery, Durability

It's time to look into the RAMCloud project and its crash recovery mechanism.
The paper for discussion is Fast crash recovery in RAMCloud.
An interesting RAMCloud tech talk is here.

The introduction paper for the RAMCloud project is The case for RAMCloud.

Thursday, Aug 29 2013 Relational databases, classical systems

It's time to take a dive into history.
This week we visit the classic paper on how it all started A History and Evaluation of System R.

And then we look into the relatively modern next generation system. The POSTGRES next generation database management system.

Thursday, Aug 15 2013 Stable storage, disks, failures and scalable internet systems

This week we have focus paper on disk failures which is Failure trends in a large disk drive population

And we also have a special video lined up on designing systems for internet scalability

Disk failures in the real world: what does MTTF of 1000000 hours mean to you? Kostas
Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 (from 10AM-1PM) Main memory systems, OLTP

The end of an architectural era: (it's time for a complete rewrite)
This is the kickoff paper for the H-Store project.

The critique paper on "One Size fits all" is "One Size Fits All": An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone
For the sceptics, read the counter paper on classical relational systems. Is there a contradiction here ? Can the elephants handle the NoSQL onslaught?

Thursday, Jul 25 2013 Main memory systems, OLTP OLTP through the looking glass, and what we found there

Thursday, Jul 4 2013 Fault Tolerance, State machine Implementing fault-tolerant services using the state machine approach: a tutorial, Fred Schneider Vivek
Thursday, Jun 27 2013 Vivek
Thursday, Jun 20 2013 The CAP theorem Brewer's Conjecture and the Feasibility of Consistent, Available, Partition-Tolerant Web Services (ACM SIGACT '02)

In light of papers

Thursday, Jun 13 2013 Replication, Consensus, Fault Tolerance Vivek and Marcos are away
Thursday, Jun 6 2013 Replication, Consensus, Fault Tolerance

Main paper is Paxos Made Simple (ACM SIGACT '01). A short video on Paxos (6 min).

Related to other papers:

Systems using Paxos (tentative list):

Thursday, May 30 2013 Replication The Dangers of Replication and a Solution Kostas